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Against the Evil Tide

Published 1991

The autobiography of the founder of the "Creativity" racist sect.

Publisher Creativity Book Publisher
Year 1991
Language English
Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections


Reviewer: Brother Wayne - - January 15, 2010
Subject: A Noble White Man! R.I.P.
If there's one thing that we might all agree on, dear reader, it is the vanity and intellectual flaccidity of any demented Special Olympian internet reviewers who feel free to effervescently profess their naïve and foolish viewpoint to the world by describing the failings and shortcomings of this, that, or the other product without actually describing what it is, what it does, or any other relevant information with which to come to a reasonable conclusion. And just when you're positive the local 'tard hospital got the body count just right that one fateful evening “norelpref” (above) arrives to “enlighten” us... by telling us precisely nothing.

Except that this is bad stuff. Oh, and there's nazis hiding under your bed, so don't forget that either.

Now, for some credentials: Ben Klassen, speaker of the audio lecture in question, was a self-made millionaire with a genius-level IQ who wrote 14 books and left a legacy that still brings light and reason to people to the this day, even though most individuals locked into the alternate universe of television-based might not agree with every last detail he says. Klassen founded a town along with some real estate partners after inventing the world's first electric can opener, a pretty big thing in the heyday of canned foods. Norelpref, by contrast, is a mental midget prima donna who sports a liberal arts degree he bought online, maintains a retro-chic set of sideburns, smoked some dope, got the clap, and got busted for streaking the fans at a high-school football game. His biggest invention is a massive homemade water bong. Really groovy, dude.

Where such pavement intellectuals and pencilneck proletarians gather, free speech and open discussion are impossible.

Now, in this lecture Ben Klassen gives an introduction to an ordered set of political and personal beliefs – one particular definition of a religion, if you will – which he entitles Creativity. This religion is a vehicle for advice, guidance, and moral support for white people and white people alone, and Klassen's desire to market this for European-Americans exclusively while condemning those ethnic groups that contribute the negative effects of crime, corruption, disease, and poverty disproportionately to Western nations is all enough to cause every milksop liberal (and conservative) in view to piss his pants and start crying. Because, you see, it's illogically “immoral” for white people to work in their own best group interests in a multicult disintegrating society where competing ethnic groups are squabbling for the decreasing remaining resources.

In short, they do it so why can't we, Klassen asks.

Ben Klassen's almost 40-year-old book “Nature's Eternal Religion” is proffered in this lecture and is replete with good advice on marrying, starting and raising a family, and owning your own business, concepts, which are entirely absent in the Big Three World Religions. There are no god, devils, spooks, spirits in the new religion of Creativity, and while this seems strange I'll be pleased offer the examples of Zen Buddhism and Scientology as proof of this concept. Why this aversion of organized religion? Klassen feels the modern interpretation of Christianity is an overly humanitarian neo-communist philosophy where you're supposed to slit your own throat in order to help “those people over there” all the while cynically ignoring the suffering going on in formerly Christian lands, let alone the follies of importing incompatible third world peasants to this nation to “help” them. As Klassen sees it, both trace to the hyper-humanistic stupidity of the Christian faith.

Concurrent with this self-absorbed pursuit of salvation is a sort of over-civilized weakness and gullibility that allows parasitical minorities to prey upon us. This means the welfare immigrants and poverty-ridden blacks on the lower end of the economic spectrum but also the Israel-first zionists and jew Neo-Cons in the upper strata of society. Klassen's view is borne out by any objective, dispassionate viewing of unreasonably high black infidelity and crime rates on the one hand, or the manipulations of the Jew lobby as proven in books like “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” “They Dare to Speak Out,” “The Power of Israel in the United States,” “The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel,” and “The Host and the Parasite - How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America.” Incidentally, the lack of appreciable media coverage of the ongoing low-grade genocide of the Palestinians by US-supported Israel proves Klassen's point on leechlike Jewish manipulation and misdirection of Western nations.

Again, all of these problems are proven, and some potential solutions are laid out in Klassen's book “Nature's Eternal Religion,” and you see a quick introduction to this worldview in this lecture. Definitely not for everyone, but then again the feel-good junk that is peddled for everyone is the kind of junk that keeps you stuck in one or another political dead-end of your choice.

Remember, my reader, as the old saying goes, “whomever says 'humanity' wishes to deceive.” Klassen lays out a pathway – “impolite” as it is – whereby your eyes will be opened to a more complete view on politics, and you shall not be deceived by petty political manipulations again. The existence and solidarity of ethnic groups is political reality today, and those who deny this or ignore it will get the short end of the stick in the future.

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